The success of a business is not solely dependent on its clothes designs. At this stage, it's also crucial that the labels utilized, together with the good raw materials and materials chosen for creating the designed outfits, are made of high-quality raw materials. Real leather is one of the most crucial materials for labels of high-end businesses because of these factors. The reputation of the brand is improved by labels made of high-quality materials. Using real leather labels also sends the message that you care about the environment.

There are numerous color choices for leathers. With regard to leather labels, Sen Label provides a large variety of colors. The tiny possibility of deterioration exists with real leather tags, nevertheless. It would therefore be more appropriate to process the leather labels used on products with light colors as washed.

Wonderful labels can be made by using techniques like hot printing, screen printing, laser engraving, and embossing on the raw leather material. Leather labels can be embellished with a variety of designs by adding metal accessories or using techniques like stitching and drop.

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