A woven label refers to a type of label that is made by weaving threads together to create a design or text. It is commonly used in the textile industry to provide branding, size information, or other relevant details on clothing, accessories, or other textile products.

Woven labels are typically made from polyester. The threads used in the weaving process can be various colors to create the desired design or text. The weaving technique allows for intricate patterns, logos, or text to be created with high detail and precision.

The process of creating woven labels involves using a loom or specialized weaving machinery. The threads are interlaced to form the desired design, and the label is then cut to the desired shape and size. The edges of woven labels are usually heat-sealed or folded to prevent fraying.

Woven labels offer several advantages. They are durable and can withstand regular washing and general wear and tear, making them suitable for long-lasting use on clothing and other textile products. The woven design is often considered to be more luxurious and professional-looking compared to printed labels.

Woven labels are commonly sewn onto garments or accessories, either on the inside or outside, depending on the intended design and purpose. They provide a tactile and visually appealing way to convey information and promote a brand.

In summary, woven labels are created by weaving threads together to form a design or text. They offer durability, high detail, and a professional appearance, making them a popular choice for labeling textile products.