Established in 1993, as a family company by brothers Veysel and İbrahim ŞENTÜRK, Şen Label has been producing labels, accessories and packaging in textile industry in Istanbul - Turkey.

As Sen Label, we started our business by producing hangtags and developed our business with the production of leather, jacquard, rubber, metal and woven labels as well.

In recent years, we also have developed different product types suitable for our manufacturing structure. So now we offer wider services to our customers with packaging, box types, accessories, fabric bags, cardboard bags, transfer prints and micro prints as well.

Has been active for nearly 30 years, our company, is always eager to improve partnership with expert companies.

Şen Label takes care of making high quality products according to wide machinery statues and expert team. According to experience we have gained over years, producing all kind of textile labels and accessories with high quality and low price is our destiny. Moreover, we always are interested in artistic designs and artworks.

In terms of manufacturing, Şen Label's most important goal is prevent harming the nature. Therefore, we aim to respect the principle of sustainability by controlling our waste and choosing our raw materials from recycled and recyclable products.

Our Customers and Business Partners : Customers and business partners satisfaction always comes to first in our company. We care about your opinions and suggestions while working meticulously to meet our business demands.

Teamwork : Better internal business communications as making decisions together with our teams collaborate have a significant priority in our company. We carry out our operations within the knowledge and opinion of all our teammates.

Motivation : Doing our job with passion is our biggest motivation in producing labels and fashion accessories. We always enjoy discovering innovations and developing our products by new designs, techniques and material with high quality.

Environmental Awareness : We try to respect the nature by producing labels and fashion accessories without destroying the environment.

Şen Labels