Jacron labels are paper label materials with leather appearance. They don't fall short in elegance against leather labels. They have a natural fiber structure, are environmentally friendly and can be used as an alternative to leather labels. Compared to other labels, they are resistant to industrial washings and do not wear out easily over time.

In addition to being durable and environmentally friendly for many years, jacron labels are ideal for industrial printing. These labels adapt to many details and easily match PMS colors. Your colorful jacquard labels can also be embossed and have a unique design.

Durable, light and stylish jacron labels are used in many textile products, especially jeans and denim clothes. They can be easily sewn, which makes users happy. Nature-friendly jacron labels with different colors and patterns increase your elegance. As Şen Label, we are aware of the importance of jacron labels and we produce special jacron labels for you.