Product longevity is crucial in the textile sector. Given that they can remain on a product for an extended period of time, woven labels are the most significant category in terms of durability among textile label types.

In this way, woven labels are an essential component of the textile sector. According to the technique of manufacturing and the quality of the woven labels, there are various categories of woven labels, including plain, jacquard, taffeta, cotton, and satin.

These labels contain information like the brand name, logo, product model, information about the product's size, and washing guidelines as care labels. Additionally, woven labels can be folded and cutted in a variety of ways, including edge folding, midfolding and butterfly folding, hot and cold cutting, and laser cutting. In the textile business, woven labels are required for many different items, including towels, blankets, and bed linens. As crucial as the product itself is the quality of the woven labels.

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